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CRM and Marketing Consultancy

Customer communication is king

Customer communication is king and is the difference between an engaged, happy, and loyal customer and a player who is just out for bonuses. Our CRM team understands the motivations of customers and that tone, timing, and message are crucial.

Over the years we have seen many CRM platform implementations, to greater or lesser success, and what is clear is that over time if you do not focus on your customer interactions then performance ultimately hits the bottom line.

In working with our team, we not only understand the platform you are using but the whole RG and CRM lifecycle to ensure that your customers are engaged in a safe, compliant and responsible way.

CRM Strategy and Consultancy

CRM Strategy and Consultancy

We can develop the CRM strategy and offer consultancy services (including full CRM audits) for your online and retail businesses to support your customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Automated CRM Journeys

Automated CRM Journeys

We create a strategy, develop, and implement automated journeys across the whole customer lifecycle. Our team ensures that the journeys are delivered on time and within the budget.

CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations

We integrate various tools with multiple setups according to the individual business requirements. Our team ensures that the systems are integrated and set up to support the CRM team to the highest level and are scalable for future business requirements.

Other Services & Support

Other Services & Support

We closely support CRM and marketing teams to drive CRM strategy, and execution of campaigns through audience selection and data extraction, advancing personalisation and capabilities to scale the function.

Automated journeys

We design and develop automated journeys, based on analytics, covering all areas of the player lifecycle, across digital and retail operations within various system configurations.


  • Dynamic Acquisition Source

Early Life

  • Early Churn
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th Deposit
  • Brand Reassurance


  • Retention
  • Upsell
  • Cross Sell


  • Pre-Churn
  • Churn to Return


  • Multi-Tiered Reactivation
  • Brand Cross Sell

Welcome Back

  • Value/Bonus Band
  • Re-Nurturing
  • Retention


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