Crucial Business Intelligence

A fast to market Analytics, Reporting, Compliance and CRM solution which is designed to sit on top of your data warehouse or for smaller gaming companies on top of your platform

Customer focused reporting, insights, and management

Crucial Business Intelligence (CBI) has a full suite of reports, customer focused segmentations, predictive models, marketing attribution and business analytics, with the optional RG and compliance system, Crucial Player Protection, built in. We can also integrate with all your communication delivery systems.

CBI is ideal for new to market iGaming companies within the gambling industry who may not wish to recruit expensive BI and CRM teams initially but want to get up and running with business reporting, customer behavioural data and player management systems, all integrated with CRM and marketing, within 12 weeks.

CBI is built with a modular approach to allow more evolved gaming companies to simply cherry-pick the services they require to further enhance reporting, modelling, attribution, player protection, or advanced segmentation.


All areas of business data

A standard Data Platform ingests key business data and allows near out-of-the-box integration to other modules.

CBI Platform
  • Analytics Bespoke and out-of-the-box analytics projects to provide insight into your business. The way you want to see it and when you want it.
  • Customer Segmentation Provides essential understanding of player behaviour, tracked over time.
  • CRM IntegrationExperienced CRM and development teams to rapidly integrate marketing systems. Delivering higher customer value at pace
  • Predictive Modelling Always evolving predictive models to help shape player behaviour.
  • Crucial Player Protection Industry-leading compliance, insight and management suite protecting players and operators holistically.
  • Business Reporting Business critical reporting designed to enlighten and empower your teams.
  • Markers Of Harm Risk identification models to understand player behaviour to manage risk, track change and influence customer activity.
  • CRM Attribution Attribution model for CRM value measurement and granular campaign reporting.

We have created a standardised Data Platform designed to contain all areas of business data.

This can be populated from any existing business data warehouse, directly integrated into your key source systems or other data repositories to ingest data.


The Data Platform can be kept within your existing business infrastructure or fully managed hosting is available.

There are multiple integration options which can be implemented to best fit your business requirements.


Covering all key areas of the business

The CBI Reporting module contains a suite of Power BI reports covering all key areas of the business.

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Business & Executive

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Responsible Gambling

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This integrates out-of-the-box with the CBI Data Platform for quick deployment and can be made available in an existing Power BI setup, or we can host or support with setup internally.


Understand key behavioural traits

The CBI Segmentation module features a set of segmentations designed to understand key behavioural traits of your customers, built to automatically adapt to the specific features of your business.

We have various segmentations available out-of-the-box, based on the data made available to the Data Platform, which can be integrated with all downstream areas to enable effective targeting, personalisation and reporting.

CBI Segmentations

Additional bespoke new segmentations can be developed in conjunction with your business teams.


Understand how your players will interact

The CBI Predictive Modelling module expands on the customer segmentation module to provide predictive outputs to understand how your players may interact in the future.

CBI Predictive Model
  • Early Life Retention Prediction
  • Churn Prediction
  • Predicted Value
  • VIP Prediction
  • Cross Sell Product Recommendation
  • Cross Sell Probability
  • Contact Recommendation
  • Sent Time Recommendation
  • Major Event Bettor
  • Next Best Action
  • Preferred Bet
  • Bonus Efficiency

When combining predictive models and segmentation elements, the business can further enhance targeting and personalisation based on the customers’ attributes to ensure the most effective use of budgets.

These models can be setup to learn how customer behaviour is changing over time and recalibrate based on the changing trends within your business.


Fairly attribute transactions

The CBI Attribution model is built to offer a major improvement on many standard forms of attribution and aims to incorporate a range of key variables that impact a customer's behaviour, to fairly attribute transactions across relevant trackable marketing activity.

CBI Attribution Model

The Attribution model provides a fairer and more reliable view of campaign performance for you to understand the incremental business value of marketing activity and optimise your campaigns.

This model integrates out-of-the-box with the Data Platform including several variables as standard and can be expanded to include a wide range of additional variables. This enables you to further tailor how you distribute activity across marketing and ensure your spend is being used as effectively as possible.