Crucial Player
Management System

Foster the confidence of a unique centralised source of truth that sets your business apart. Our player management platform is designed to easily integrate with your existing operational and CRM systems

Choose the tool setup that aligns with your operational needs. Opt for a full platform providing Holistic Player and Case Management, or explore our specialised Anti-Money Laundering Risk Management Suite and Safer Gambling Risk Management Suite

Experience first-hand how our platform can enhance your compliance endeavours by checking out one of our interactive demos

CPP Product

Crucial Player Protection is built by compliance for compliance

We understand the complexities of gambling compliance operations. Our solution transforms challenges into seamless processes. The platform’s intuitive interface consolidates all the necessary components in one place, eliminating backlogs and enhancing the quality of account reviews by prompting thorough documentation.

Say goodbye to inefficient workflows and embrace streamlined compliance management

With CPP you will be able to:

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    Gain a competitive edge with a fully auditable system across all aspects of process implementation, customer management, and engagement
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    Optimise your business operation model by automating player data collation and enhancing risk assessments. Our solution aggregates data effectively, minimising human error and significantly improving process handling times
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    Let go of Word or Excel spreadsheet risk assessments. We develop custom forms within the tool, making it easier than ever to record and aggregate all relevant information directly to the customer account for future reference
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    Identify potential risks and patterns of behaviour. With a holistic view of each player, you can ensure personalised and targeted interventions to promote responsible gambling practices and mitigate money laundering risks. Make informed decisions and enhance customer management with ease

What is Crucial Player Protection (CPP):

Holistic Individual Player Reporting

Efficient Player Management

Tracked Player Auditing

Business Reporting

Case Management

Case & Player Escalation

Case & Player Escalation

Player Lists

Quality Assurance

Compliance Training & Assessment

Automation & Modelling

Through collaborative efforts of our internal experts within compliance, product development, technology and data analysis, we strive to develop sophisticated AML, Safer Gambling and Financial Stability (Affordability) models. These models are designed to incorporate highly predictive and descriptive triggers and markers. Regardless of your global operational presence, you will stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

Why CPP?

  • Auditability
  • Regulatory resilience
  • Constant development
  • Scalability
  • Easy new starter training and onboarding
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Personalised reporting
  • Adaptation of your internal process flows
  • Effective team & resource management
  • Process evaluation and quality assurance
  • Case & player management evaluation
  • Process optimisation
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and 3rd parties
  • Compliance support & benchmarking